Nicolas Fay

Nicolas Fay

Associate Professor in Cognitive Sciences, University of Western Australia

Talk Title

The role of iconicity and embodiment to the evolution of human communication.

Speaker’s Bio

I am a cognitive scientist interested in social influence. I primarily use laboratory experiments to study social influence in the context of: interpersonal communication, group decision-making, information transmission and, more broadly, culture and its evolution.

I earned my PhD in Psychology in 2000 (University of Glasgow, Scotland). After working for 2 years as a postdoctoral fellow (School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh) I spent 2 years working as a research scientist (Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute, Kyoto, Japan). I joined the faculty in the School of Psychological Science, UWA, in 2004.


  • Social Influence
  • Collective Behavior
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Decision Making
  • Information Transmission
  • Cultural Evolution
  • Language Evolution

Talk Slides

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